The Ultimate Protection
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Good news!

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hard case for xbox
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New and improved case design on all products.

All Xbox cases! All Playstation cases! All Wii cases!

All Doberman Cases now have the new style case.

Zinc plated, steel corner guards for more protection.

Stronger aluminum rails that are more durable.

Soft cushioned handle for more comfort.

The website still shows the previous models.

All Doberman Cases will now be the improved design shown here.

This is a newly designed custom video game carrying cases for xBox, Playstation, and Wii.

The rugged yet lightweight, aluminum trimmed case is fitted with custom designed foam pockets. These foam pockets securely hold all the components that come with your console and protect them from damage.

The Case Holds:

- (1) Console Unit
- (1) Power Block/Transformer
- (1) Power Cord
- (1) Cord from T.V. to xBox unit.
- (2) Wireless Controllers and Battery Packs
- (2) Game/DVD Cases
- up to (3) usb flash drives

This case was developed to answer the common problem of how to safely take your xBox with you without damaging it.

The common practice of using backpacks, duffel bags or lap top bags to carry your xBox is risky and inevitably leads to wrecking your expensive gaming unit.

Other xBox carrying bags or cases on the market rarely hold all of the supplied xBox equipment that you need to take with you. The definitely don't offer the protection this foam lined case offers.

Watch the video above to see how everything fits snugly into the case. The two locking latches offer even more security.

This case was designed for protection while traveling. The dimensions are:

18" long x 13" tall x 6" deep"  

Those dimensions allow for taking the case onto most airlines as a carry-on bag. Please check with your particular airline about their requirements.

Common places the case is used:

- Take your xBox on an airplane
- Take your xBox to your friends house
- Take your xBox to your Grandparents house
- Take your xBox to your Mom or Dad's house for the weekend
- Take your xBox to the family cottage
- Take your xBox to college with you
- Take your xBox on vacation
- Take your xBox on your business trip
- Take your xBox safely with you when you move
- Store your xBox safely out of reach when not in use
- Take your xBox to your friends house
- Travel with your xBox
- Take your xBox convention and competitions

Our "No Doubt About it Guarantee":

If you aren’t so pleased that you want to tell a friend about your xBox case we will buy it back from you. We will give you the purchase price and shipping costs so there is absolutely no risk to you. 

The xBox case is also guarantied to be free of any assembly or manufacturing defects for 36 months. Any troubles we will repair or replace free of charge.

We are still in the process of setting-up our website where all the details will be listed. If you have any questions or comments feel free to call me, Tom, at (586)293-3990. I look forward to hearing the feedback on these great, protective xBox carrying cases.

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All of this fits in the xBox case.

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The custom fitted pockets protect your xBox while traveling.

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The travel case for xBox holds two wireless controllers,
two battery packs, two games disks in their protective cases,
and the power supply.

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The xBox protective travel case also holds the xBox console unit,
all connector cords, and up to three usb memory sticks.

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Take your xBox on an airplane safely

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This xBox travel case is better than any other xBox 360 slim travel backpack or messenger, sling bag.

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Carrying and xBox has never been easier with this Microsoft xBox 360 slim multifunction carry case.

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This travel case for xBox 360 Slim will last for years and is the best way to travel with your xBox.

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This xBox 360 Slim hard case has custom designed pockets for all your xBox stuff.

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Each xBox piece fits snuggly into place. xBox backpack or messenger bag can't do that

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All cords and connectors fit in this xBox 360 slim carrying case.

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Bags won't hold the xBox console for travel like this.

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Three different size slots to hold USB memory sticks in this xBox protective carry case.

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Light weight yet rugged protection for your xBox. A soft bag or case can't match the protection.

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Locks to protect the xBox 360 while traveling with your xBox equipment.
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All of this xBox gear fits in the case. The xBox system and equipment is for demonstration purposes only. It is not included in the sale of the xBox travel case.

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